Babys first menu #1

Babys first menu #1

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Baby’s first menu # 1 is an e-book that contains the complete process of introducing a non-dairy
When the first food is introduced,
Which food is introduced first,
How it is prepared and how much is in a portion In addition, it contains over 70 recipes, based on home-made healthy cuisine with ingredients
that you have previously introduced following the order of the book.
Baby's first menu follows the development of your child, so ingredients and meals are
chronologically arranged by month.
This way, you will have clearly laid out, in one place, in WHICH month, WHICH food is
introduced, in WHICH manner, and recipes for that type of food.
All according to WHO guidelines
As the baby grows, he tries the flavours; the recipes become more complex, so it slowly grows
into a menu for the whole family.
It is intended for ages 4-6 to 12 months of age.
It is intended for everyone who wants to get their children used to home-made and healthy

Bebin Prvi Meni-deo

Bila sam veoma nesigurna kada sam videla da su elektronske knjige u pitanju. Ja sam starog kova i nemam iskustva sa ovim, ali vi ste me potpuno razuverili. Sadr┼żajno, konkretno, lepo dizajnirano, a pre svega korisno! Na nama je samo da listamo i da da biramo recepte! Hvala vam za sv, lep pozdrav!


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